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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Arcángel Net Worth

Arcángel net worth

Arcángel is a popular singer and composer whose real name is Austin Agustín Santos. He moved to New York to make his performance in the Latin American urban music genre. His song becomes popular in the United States, and Puerto Rico includes My Fanatic, Surprise and Aggressive in 2000.

He made his first debut album as 'The Phenomenal' that was released in 2008. The album contains all the songs that were produced by them along with the song 'Virtual Girl' by DJ Nelson, and most of the songs are produced in the year. of album release. Read on to learn more about Arcangel's net worth in 2018.

Early life

Arcangel Net Worth

Austin Augustin Santos was born on December 23, 1985 in East Harlem, New York. His father belongs to Samana, Dominican Republic and his mother to Santiago, Dominicana. He loved rock music on the list and had a great collection in his childhood.

Arcángel loves to listen to the music of Robi Draco Rosa, who is a pop-rock artist and he also loved listening to Tego Calderón and Tempo who inspired him after following them. In 2000, he began to listen to new types of music that did not listen to people nearby.


Arcangel began his career after moving to Puerto Rico and began to follow reggaeton music. He started making records and joined Universal Music Group. In 2004, he also worked with Machete Music, where he produces different albums that include Sangre Nueva and Hector El Father. After a year, he also worked on the Luny Tunes program for the Los Benjamins compilation.

He also worked with De La Ghetto, but did not release a single album in the duo. In their collaboration, they only record tracks for the discs. He also fought with Baby Records for not releasing his album on the market after earning $ 150,000 for production. In 2007, he took legal action against Baby Records with $ 1,000,000 for not considering the album with his name.

In 2008, he started working with different producers to record albums after the duo's separation. He has released another album with the title "Flow la Discoteka 2", which was written and produced by DJ Nelson, who is the record producer. Later, he also released another album as "Arcángel" that helped him grow and people considered him with that name.

In the same year, his other album was leaked before the release date, and all details are provided on his official site for the song "Pa Que la Pases Bien". Famous and finally decided to cancel the album.

Awards and achievements

Arcángel has received numerous achievements in his career. He was considered in the list of Billboard Latin Rhythm Airplay chart and obtained the ninth position. In addition, it was ranked number 22 for the Hot Latin Tracks on the Billboard list. He also toured different countries such as Denmark, Holland, England, Spain, Portugal, France and Germany.

Arcángel net worth

Arcangel is a professional singer and songwriter who has earned his net worth of around $ 12.5 million. He started working in the group and launched different albums to generate income. In 2002, he formed the reggaeton act Arcangel & De La Ghetto after moving to Puerto Rico.

Austin has been named Arcángel, famous for his album. He always tried to produce different music that contains unique tracks. After moving to Puerto, he started working in the reggaeton music group. In addition, he met with different producers for the album that helped him stand up in front of the people. In addition, he has achieved his goal in life and always looks forward to the best moment.