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Friday, November 23, 2018

Christopher Knight Net Worth

Christopher Knight is an American who is a businessman and an actor who is best known for portraying Peter Brady's role in the 1970s in a series called The Brady Bunch. Knight is also a television personality. She is also a successful businessman. Continue reading to learn more about Christopher Knight's net worth in 2018.

Early Life

Christopher Knight Net Worth

Christopher Knight was born on 7 November in the form of Christopher Anton Knight on 7 November. She is the son of Edward Knight who was also an actor. His birthplace was New York City, New York, United States.

In 2005, Knight was offered the Adrian Curry on the 6th of November. Curry is a model that has won the US Next Top Model Cycle 1. He proposed on VH1 during the closing ceremony of My Fair Brady. Their marriage on May 29, 2006 in Juliet, Illinois. He announced his separation on the anniversary of his fifth wedding. Divorce was finalized on February 2 next year.

Between 1995 and 2000, she was the husband of Tony Eriksson. Earlier, Knight had married Julie Schulman between 1989 and 1992. From November 2016, Christopher was married to a marriage. There is no record of that child which she gave birth.


Knight's acting career started in 1967. One of his attendants that year was for the Clown Episode of Manix in Conin. Then he started performing in The Brady Bunch as Peter Brady. After this, Knight's guest appearances at the television show included The Love Boat and Happy Days. In addition, she appeared in Kid, The Doom Generation, Just You and Me, Good Girls Do Not, and Noir. In 1988, he and Brady Bunk's other stars united into a film named A Here Brady Christmas.

In the same year, he left acting to pursue a degree in computer-related curriculum. Upon completion of his studies, Marteck, Inc. appointed him as a sales manager. The following year, the new image industry made him the vice president of Design System Marketing and Sales.

Christopher Espop Labs is the founder of Visual Software and Kidway Learningware. He joined Edsso in 1996. The following year, Knight became the marketing vice president of IXMerico.

He returned to acting on April 17, 1994. After that, he appeared in both television series and films. Films include Family Jewels, Fallen Angels, Spring Breakdown, Light Years Away, Letting Go, Prisoner, and Guardian Angel.

In 2004, Knight made his debut as himself. He appeared on Brady Bunk 35th anniversary reunion special; Television appearances were at least perfect, The Bold and the Beautiful, Heartbreakers and My Fair Brady.

About music videos, Christopher was shown in Just the Girl and Catch Your Wave. He played as a high school teacher and a hotel manager, respectively.

Awards and achievements

In 2007, Christopher Knight won the Pop Culture Award.

Christopher Knight Net Worth

Christopher Knight's estimated net worth is approximately $ 15 million. They have many sources of income. Knight has earned for portraying different characters in films and television series. She has also appeared in some music videos. Apart from this, he is a businessman who has established many companies. Christopher has also worked in various companies. He is a salesman, manager and vice president.

Christopher Knight is a person who follows the steps of his father and eventually becomes an actor. He is best known for his role of Peter Brady in The Brady Bunch. Later, he left acting and entered the technology. Christopher was very nice there. Then she returned to act and has since appeared in several films and television shows.