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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Johnny depp Net Worth

Johnny depp Net worth 

Johnny Depp, whom we all know as Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean", is one of the biggest names in the world of entertainment. Over the years, Johnny's career, which is full of critically popular performances and tremendous success at Hollywood box office, has put him among the biggest movie stars and the highest paid actors.

Here is the autobiography of Johnny Depp and a summary of the net worth of Johnny Depp in 2018, career and earnings.

Early life

Johnny Depp Net Worth

Johnny Depp is one of the four brothers and sisters of John Christopher Depp and Betty Sue Palmer. His place of birth - Kentucky, in 1963 - the date of birth. He attracted as many as 20 places. His parents divorced when Johnny was only 15 years old.

Johnny dropped out of school and followed his passion, which sang, and he will be part of The Kids and the rock band The City Angeles Band.

Johnny Depp married twice, and his first wife was Laurie Ann Ellison, whom they divorced in 1985 after two years of marriage, and then he married Amber Heard in 2015 and divorced in 2017. It is worth noting that it was Laurie Ann Allison who presented Johnny to Nicolas Cage.


Johnny's debut film was a horror called "A Nightmare on Elm Street", which was released in 1984, and this marked his path to success. Then he had to play on 21 Jump Street, thanks to which he became a teenage idol. Between 1984 and 1993, he appeared in several films, namely John Waters Creek Baby, Benny and John.

Between 1994 and 2002, he starred in several films among them Ed Wood 1994, Dead Man 1995, Donnie Brasco 1997 and Sleepy Void 1999.

Johnny's biggest success at the box office was between 2003 and to this day. His biggest success is the pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and he began with The Curse of the Black Pearl in 2003, when he was called Captain Jack Sparrow. In 2005, he was featured in the Corpse Bride animation. Other films in which he starred or were shown - the sequel to the pirate. 2006 Dead Man's Chest, Demon Barber from Fleet Street 2007, Alice in Wonderland 2010, Pirates in Aliens 2011, Rango 2011, Dark Shadows 201, Lone Ranger 2013, 2016 Donald Trump Art deals, fantastic animals and where to find them in 2016 and "Pirates of the Caribbean: the dead" Say "Tales of 2016".

Awards and Achievements

For many years, Johnny Depp was engaged in a career, and in his trophy cabinet he achieved 22 victories and received 45 nominations. Some of these awards are 1 Golden Globe Award, 1 Screen Actors Guild Guild, 1 Empire Award, 15 People's Choice Awards, 8 Teen Choice Awards and others. He was also introduced as a Disney legend.

Johnny depp Net worth 

Currently, Johnny Depp has a net worth of $ 400 million. Upon completion of his divorce, his net worth is projected at $ 200 million. Johnny Depp - one of those actors who had a huge success at the box office, and at one time he was the highest paid actor in the world. Today, Johnny receives $ 20 million of advance money for each film, and he also takes a 20% backend. As of 2017, all Johnny Depp films have collected over $ 8 billion.

Johnny Depp, who made good fortune through acting, is a good example of how passion for your talent can give way. You might think that paying Johnny Depp for a $ 20 million down payment is a loss, but every Johnny film earns twice as much as its pay, and a good example is Alice in Wonderland, which was $ 1 billion. , "Pirates of the Caribbean" collected more than $ 3 billion and Tourist is more than $ 270 million.