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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Jussie Smollett Net Worth

Jussie Smollett Net Worth

Jussie Smollett is also an enthusiastic American singer, actor and composer. Jussie acquired fame as a children's artist in the films "The Mighty Duck" and "North". Jussie was deeply accepted by a large number of audiences, regardless of age. Jussie's enthusiasm for singing and acting made him a successful man all over the world.

Finally, Jussie received a great response from the international audience and received countless criticisms for her great energy as a singer. The representation of his music has been better given so far. Therefore, let's find out more about the net worth of Jussie Smollett in 2018.

Early life

Jussie Smollett Net Worth

Jussie Smollett was born (June 21, 1982) and raised in California, United States, so she became a US citizen by birth. Jussie was born to Father Joel Smollett and his mother Janet Smollett. Jussie was not the only son of his parents; I had two sisters Jazz and Jurnee and three brothers Jojo, Jocqui and Jake.

Jussie belongs to a mixed ethnic group, since he was half Jewish and half African American. Not much was known about Jussie's educational life. Later, Jussie and her brothers grew up to become artists and actors. Perhaps, Jussie Smollett belonged to a business family of shows in the United States of America.


At the young age of five, Jussie gained her first major role in a television program as a child actor.

In the year 1992, Jussie appeared for a film project that was a sports comedy film "The Mighty Ducks". This movie was a great opportunity for Jussie since this movie was under the giant flag of Walt Disney Picture.

Later, in 1993, Jussie appeared in the television series based on Alex Haley's novel "Queen: The Story of an American Family."

In 1994, Jussie also had the opportunity to work with her brothers on "On Our Own". This whole project was under the banner of the ABC comedy.

Jussie appeared in another comedy film like "North", which was also a novel based on an American movie.

Jussie took a break from the film industry and switched to music, singing and acting. Meanwhile, Jussie was receiving offers for more films one after the other. He has given some very successful films like "Pitch This", "The Mindy Project", "The Skinny", "Ask Me Anything", "Born to Race: Fast Track" and several others.

In 2012, Jussie first tried her luck and talent in the field of music and released her first EP, "Poisoned Hearts Club".

In 2016, Jussie appeared in the American drama series "Underground."

Currently, Jussie is working under the banner of 20th Century Fox, which will be a sci-fi horror movie "Alien: Covenant".

The appearance of Jussie in the "Empire" was his successful television series. The New York Times places this television show among the 50 best television programs.

Awards and achievements

In 1993, Jussie received the "BET Award" in the category of "Best Actor" for the movie "The Mighty Duck".

Jussie was also nominated for the 'The Mighty Duck' in the 'Young Artist Award'.

In 2016, Jussie managed to get her first grand prize with the "NAACP Image Award".

In 2017, Jussie won the 'NAACP Image Award' for his excellent performance on the television show 'Empire'.

 Jussie Smollett Net Worth

Fame, success and the name have given him a lot of popularity at a very young age of only five years. Jussie and his other brothers made his acting trip immensely successful with the support of his family. Therefore, it became a very popular face in several television series and movies as well. Therefore, the total net worth of Jussie Smollett is approximately $ 1 million approximately.

Jussie Smollett has made a dynamic expansion in his career as an actor and musician as showstopper. Being from a showbiz family, he has never given up his dreams and hopes, since he was born to succeed more and more.