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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

William Hung Net worth


William Hung Net worth

William Hung is a former singer, expert in technical crime and actor. The Hong Kong-born America rose to fame in 2004. He participated in the TV episode called American Idol in the third season. Hung made the song She Bangs by Ricky Martin. He stopped his music career to work in the ward department in 2011. Continue reading to know more about William Hung's pure value in 2018.

William Hung Early Life

William Hung was born 1983 on January 13th. His birthplace was Sha Tin, Hong Kong, but he left China for Camden, New Jersey, USA.
William Hung Net Worth

He joined John H. Francis Polytechnic High School. Hung graduated in 1993. Then he entered the University of California, Berkeley to study construction. However, he fell out after joining American Idol to pursue a musical career.

On June 18, 2014 married Hung Jian Teng. Their wedding ceremony was held in the Alhambra, California.

William Hung Career

William was still a student at the University when he showed American Idol. The event was held in San Francisco in September 2003. On January 15th, next year he became the final exhibition of the show. That same year, Koch Entertainment made a deal with Hung. He had three plates with the logo, ie. Hung of the Holidays, Miracle: Happy summer for William Hung and Inspiration. Giuseppe D produced the second album. The first one was played long while others were studio albums.

His Singles are We are Masters and Achy Breaky Heart released in 2004 and 2005, respectively. Hung released music videos for the two songs as well as by Bangs.

He made games for the Game Show Network, Ask.com and Cingular Wireless. In May 2014, Toronto Blue Jays commissioned him to sing Take Me Out to Ballgame at Rogers Center.

His debut debut in 2004 was where Mama Boy was released in January next year. He worked with Nancy Sit, a famous actor in Hong Kong. William described the characteristics of a village village that was forced to work to pay his mother's medical records. He sold Chinese pancakes to do it.

Other types were in The Fair OddParents, Celebrity Deathmatch, Airline, Arrested Development and George Lopez. Both Don Chin and Laura, who is his wife, set up his fan. After that, he appeared in On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Late Show with Letterman, The Howard Stern Radio Show, Dateline NBC and Early Show at CBS. Also Arrested Development, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Countdown to Keith Olbermann and Entertainment Tonight Among Others.

Hung's music career ended at the end of 2011. Subsequently, the head of Los Angeles County Sherriff was appointed as a technical criminal. He is on record saying he is not sorry to move.

Prizes and achievements

William Hung was the last player of the season three of the American Idol TV series.

William Hung Net worth

William Hung has estimated net worth of $ 800 thousand. His main source of income was his musical career. He sold 200,000 copies of his first album. Then, 35,000 and 7,000 copies of the second and third, respectively. Hung also worked by appearing on television shows and officials. Currently, he makes money as a crime expert.

Hung was an engineer in the course when he participated in the American Idol race. As soon as he became his final teacher, William left out of school to pursue a career in music. Later he left the industry. Currently, Hung is in Sherriff's department in Los Angeles County. He is a technical crime expert.