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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Greg Laurie Net Worth 2019

Greg Laurie is one of the most popular religious leaders from California. He was born in Long Beach in the year 1952. In the present day, Greg is around 64-years-old man. He is a famous figure in the US and has a large follower base. Apart from being a religious leader, Greg is also a popular writer and has penned a number of religious and spiritual writings. His first book was named, “The Seeker’s Bible”. Let’s find out how much is Greg Laurie’s net worth in 2019.

Early Life

Greg Laurie Net Worth 2019
Greg had a difficult childhood. His family moved from one place to another because of his mother. Being a single parent, Greg’s mother faced a lot of problems raising him. Greg never had a very bright education because of the frequent changes in his mother’s personal life.
Greg spent most of his early days in California and had also spent a significant time in New Jersey and Hawaii. He once did the job of a delivery man. Since he was never very religious, it was quite later in life that is when he was 17 that Greg came to know much about Jesus. Soon, he joined a high school in Newport Harbor and learned more about Christianity and Jesus.
At the age of just 19, he was appointed by Pastor Chuck Smith to lead a group of people. He used to lead this Bible study group and then eventually helped the community to grow, which eventually became the Harvest Christian Church. This later became one of the biggest churches in the whole of America. This church now has 15000 people within its congregation.


Greg Laurie is one of the finest and most well-established religious leaders now in America. He has gone onto earn honorary doctorate certificates from Biola and Azusa Pacific universities. Today, he is married to Catherine and has two sons. He has authored a number of books, namely, “Wrestling With God”, and “Every Day With Jesus”. To this day, Greg has penned more than 70 books.
He has also appeared in many TV shows and has also hosted radio shows. Presently, he is a member of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Board. The main goal of this group is to spread Christian studies. In simple words, it has been a dream come true experience for Laurie. As per him, this has always been his dream to grow interested in religion among people. He is also an active Chaplin and Pastor. The Newport police department even hired him as their main counsellor. President Trump even invited him to host his 2017 inauguration.

Awards and Achievements

One of his written books has even won the Gold Medallion Book Award. This has been co-authored by David Kopp. Lost Boy: The Next Chapter is the name of his autobiographical film. This film went onto win numerous awards all over the US. In the year 2013, he also made a film called, “Hope for Hurting Hearts”. This film became the main attraction in most of the prominent film festivals in America.

Net Worth of Greg Laurie

The net worth of Greg is around $5.5 million. Today, he has his own TV programme and is being broadcasted by the famous Trinity Broadcasting. Greg hosts this show on a weekly basis. The main source of his wealth is from book royalty and his TV shows. His books are readily available on church websites, where you can read and buy them from.
Greg even became a big believer when he lost his son Christopher. This made both Greg and his wife preach spiritual teachings to the Christian community more than ever before.